When you hire me, you get:

  • Compassionate leadership
  • Versatile resources
  • Vision
  • Ambition
  • Enthusiasm
  • Key in hand Art Department
  • Construction and Fabrication skills
  • Over 20 years of dance and stage performance
  • 15 years of workshop and people management
  • Fine Arts and Digital Imaging Background

As well as knowledge of: photography, lighting, producing development and processes, FX, Pyrotechnics, actor direction, Flash, Photoshop, Excel, Radio… (yes, I lead a busy life!)

Everything I do is based on if it has a higher purpose or not… and if it doesn’t, I’ll give it one! What I am building is an ecosystem of visual references, a huge life size mood board of women in history, reality checks, urban decay, true love and nurturing rhymes in the forms of infinite creativity.